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moderately prosperous▓, or "Xiaokang" society. A key goal of the targets is to eradicate poverty in China.Xi has said that "no one should be left behind on the road tow▓ards Xiaokang."FIRS

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T TASTE OF POVERTYXi's first taste of pov▓erty came in Liangjiahe Village in Yan'an, Shaanxi, ab▓out 48 years ago.He was not even 16 years of age when he wa▓s sent to Liangjiahe in early 1969, as a result of Chairman Mao Zedong's campaign for urban youth to experience ru

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ral labor."Experien▓cing such an abrupt turn from Beijing to ▓a place so destitute, I was struck deeply," Xi s▓aid, recalling the whole village turning dark at ▓night as the only lights available were a few kerosene lamps by a ditch.In less ▓than three years, Xi beca

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me a completely ▓competent rural laborer."I found myself easily traveling several miles of mountain road whi▓le carrying a shoulder pole weighing over 50-kilograms," he said.However, a day of hard work ▓barely earned him enough for a pack of the cheapest cigarettes, wh

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ich cost nine cents in the 1970s.A year's harvest could only sustain farmers for a couple of months, and the▓y often found themselves running out of food as early as April or May. Xi and his cont▓emporaries sent to work in the countryside were almost reduced to beggin

verished villages and townships, sharing his rich experience in poverty-eradication work and putting himself on
the front li nes of the war on pove▓ rty.Looking back, it h as been clear that Xi's deep under standing of and focus on the poo r has developed throughout his political car eer, as he r ose from bei ng a young man wor king at a re▓mote v illage in the northweste rn provinc e of Sha anxi, to China's top job.H 罗甸县wap 阿拉善盟wap 资溪县wap 惠东县wap 竹山县5G 会东县wap 新泰市wap 康保县5G 大姚县5G 弥渡县5G 三穗县wap 寿宁县wap 新乡市wap 台山市5G 易门县5G 易县5G 通州区wap 田林县5G 牡丹江市5G 武夷山市5G win7架设传奇私服 热血传奇私服手机版发布网 中变传奇私服开服表 好玩的传奇私服手游 传奇私服微端无补丁 单机传奇私服版本下载 手机传奇私服服务端 热血传奇私服网站发布 传奇私服单机登录器 热血传奇私服1.80